Some of my fabulous clients and their experiences… Thank you for all your wonderfully kind words – LOVE – AM

I am one of those 50-something men that wanted an outfit, informal, but could also be worn at some formal events. I gave Aaron the brief that I would like something based around a waistcoat. For a 50-something, I was stuck in t-shirts, hoodies, trainers and jeans. I have no clothes in my wardrobe that… Continue reading Mark B

Mark B

I immediately got an amazing connection with Aaron since the first chat about my body shape and my style. Aaron understood my style perfectly and overall my personality. Thanks to this, Aaron chose a perfect outfit for me in just 5 minutes! I really appreciate that Aaron didโ€™t change my style, but added some items… Continue reading Beatrice C

Beatrice C

"I never would have thought about trying on these clothes, but I actually love this outfit!"

Hira U