About Me

Hi! *waves excitedly*

My name is Aaron Mark and I am a Personal, Celebrity and Editorial Fashion Stylist.

I am here as an advocate of making people look AND feel good, whether that’s selecting an outfit for a special event, or updating a wardrobe, I pour love and passion into everything I do.

I spent many years working in high level corporate positions, but always had a passion for fashion, and decided that I couldn’t brush this passion aside any longer.
My corporate experiences have given me the ability to understand the importance of how an image can really make a huge impact on how people are perceived, and I can completely appreciate how it feels to wake up everyday and have to spend time carefully considering WHAT TO WEAR!

As a graduate of the London College of Style, I have honed my skills and expertise, and can help take some of that time away, giving you the confidence in your wardrobe and style selections, which will ultimately lead to people perceiving you in the way you want and deserve.

My styling sessions are both fun and friendly, whether its on set for a photoshoot, or personal shopping with a client, I treat everyone with love and care and hope that they go away not only looking good, but feeling good too!

Thank you for reading, and I really hope to hear from you soon, you can use the Contact page to make a booking enquiry or call me on 07738247737, trust me, clicking that call button will be the most magical thing you do today 🙂

Love and Light

AM x